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August 29 2017

Performances at La Plaque Tournante.


HAMBURGER BAHNHOF - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin

September 22 2017

Presentation of the Editions AcquAvivA including Cahier de dessin and Concerto pour une bouche et quatre membres.

Presentation of the CRU magazine: issues #1 (last copies available) + #2 with the exhibitions Broutin, step by step the non-painter grazes.


BROUTIN at La plaque tournante and at EAM collection

September 13 2017

La Palaque Tournante - Berlin
EAM Collection - Berlin


frEdEric acquaviva

August 14 2017

Dire l'œuvre. Les mots remplacent les sons, les notes.
Les sons annexent les mots. L'œuvre aliquante le commentaire.
voix : Frédéric Acquaviva (enregistrement à France Culture en 1999) et Maria Faustino
création en concert :
- Festival Licences, Les Temps du Corps, Paris , 2003
publications collectives :
- « Nioques 1.9/2.0 », Al Dante/ Léo Scheer, 2003
- « Radiophonic Creation Day 2009 », catalogue + carte USB, 200 ex, Paris, 2010

Edited for the Atelier Lettriste, Berlin 2017.Production Broutin, Graphic Design Nenad Boharevic.

An edition of 100 copies including 20 copies each numbered and signed by the composer.

Editions Atelier Lettriste | workshop@gpbroutin.com

Jean Isidore Isou
Les Nombres (XI)

August 10 2017

Postcard, 10,5 x 14,8 cm

Printed on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition ISIDORE ISOU, FROM LETTRISM TO ETERNITY curated by Frédéric Acquaviva, La Plaque Tournante, Berlin, August 29 - September 29, 2017.

This edition is composed of 100 standard copies.

Editions Atelier Lettriste | workshop@gpbroutin.com

3 variations sur l'Etude n°1

May 9 2017

Event in London


Organized by Lore Lixenberg and Frederic Acquaviva.

IKLECTIK hosts the UK launch of CRU the annual magazine of La Plaque Tournante, in collaboration with Keiko Yoshida and THE WIRE magazine. Featuring films and contributions on Pauline Oliveros + Ione (by Acquaviva) and Henri Chopin (by Beju) Hem-ish, Dufour, and Wolman and Live performances by Johannes Kreidler, Trevor Wishart, Broutin, Francois Poyet, Frederic Acquaviva and Lore Lixenberg.

On this occasion Broutin presents 3 variations sur l'étude n°1, 1974-2017, 12'

sculpture in three movements

April 10 2017

First movement: rue Saint-André-des-Arts

Rue Saint-André-des-Arts. I ring at the street door. "Hello, it's Broutin!" The door opens. I step into the entryway. The second door opens, leading to the narrow stairs. I go up to the second floor. The apartment door opens revealing Isou wearing a wool bonnet in all seasons. We exchange the usual greetings. I enter the small space. To the left a minuscule room: bathroom/kitchen/studio. A sink, a bathtub—which is used for drying canvases when he is painting—a toilet. On the right two small rooms in a row. The whole place is about twenty square meters. The first room has bookshelves that hold his manuscripts, books, and works in progress. The second one is where we meet. A bed back on the right side, a little table in front of a window that looks out on the courtyard, a wooden chair. On the left a wardrobe where he hangs his clothing. On the table lies the work he is currently doing. A school notebook whose pages he tears out as he finishes writing them. All that on top of a piece of blue carpet torn off the bedroom flooring. If we don't have much to talk about, he stays seated on the chair and I stand by the window. The heat is suffocating: 80ºF all winter. If we need to talk longer about our common projects, he goes to sit on the bed, I turn the chair toward him and take my turn sitting in it. Once a month we leave the apartment together and go to a restaurant.

Lettrist corporal art work (sculpture in three movements). Broutin 2016

Traduction : David Seaman



March 25 - April 27 2017

Frédéric Acquaviva, Tomomi Adachi, Silva Gabriéla Béju, Broutin, Henri Chopin, Denis Dufour, Bernard Heidsieck, Hém-Ish, Ione, Johannes Kreidler, Katherine Liberovskaya, Loré Lixenberg, Jacques Lizène, Alvin Lucier, Alex Mincek, Phill Niblock, Pauline Oliveros, François Poyet, Trevor Wishart and Gil J Wolman.