20x20 Events 2020

May 03 2021

Donation to the Museum of Contemporary Art of Villa
Croce, Genoa
(Curated by Caterina Gualco)
Presentation of the donation at Unimediamodern
May 6, 2021 from 6pm
Piazza Invrea, 5/b - 16121 - Genova - Italia

Legend : Broutin, Kandinsky and the extended and coordinated perspective.
Special edition, Ink and pastel on watercolor paper, 20x20 cm


Galaxie Cluster Abell 520”

April 04 2021
In progress

Enhanced print on Canson
cm 21x30

UOMO/NATURA /Arte e Natura salveranno il mondo
Bosco dei poeti, Trento, Italy

Curated by Lorenzo Come Menguzzato


La Très Grande Acquaviva

March 16 2021
In progress

Ink and acrylic on canvas
Latest enlargement 2021 : 5 x (cm 40x30)
Temporary dimension cm 450x200.