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29.12.2014. Infini n°1 sur infini n°2

Infini n°1 sur infini n°2 (La perspective aux éléments en extension et coordonnés entre eux)
Extract from a series of 10 paintings
(cm 50x65) and 10 drawings (cm 24x32)
Berlin 2014.

18.12.2014. Cadre a-optique "François Poyet"

postcard by Atelier Lettriste Berlin 2014


Les pyramides (suite photographique) 1988

English translation by David Seaman.
Printed in Berlin for the Atelier Lettriste, November 2014. This edition is composed of 20 numbered copies signed by the author and 250 standard copies.

Pages : 16 pages
Size : 21x21 cm
Cover : paperback
Binding : staple bound
Price: numbered copie 40 €
standard: 10 €

Ed. Atelier Lettriste

Purchase :

02.11.2014. MANIFESTO (Futurism to Fluxus via Lettrism)

Friday 7th November at 8pm
at the Jacqueline du Pré Music Building

Curated and performed by
Lore Lixenberg (Mezzo)
and Frederic Acquaviva (Composer)
with Federico Reuben (Laptop)
and Aleks Kolkowski (Wax cylinders and horns)

MANIFESTO captures the vibrancy and immediacy of manifesti, from Futurism in 1909 to 1960s Fluxus via Lettrism.
Vocalist Loré Lixenberg, laptop artist Federico Reuben and Aleks Kolkowski on wax cylinders and horns bring the texts alive musically, highlighting their ground-breaking and sometimes shocking nature. A pop-up exhibition of rarely seen and exciting artefacts including manifesto tracts, original scores, sound poems and photographs as well as rare early records, by the manifesto authors, features alongside the performance.

29.10.2014. Cadre a-optique "Sylvain Monségu"

postcard by Atelier Lettriste Berlin 2014

19.09.2014. Cadre a-optique "Maurice Lemaître"

postcard by Atelier Lettriste Berlin 2014

12.08.2014. Alain Satié: a Primer by David Seaman
David W. Seaman is a scholar of the avant-garde, with degrees in German and French from Stanford University. His Concrete Poetry in France (UMI, 1981) is a classic in the field, and he has published many articles in English and French, as well as translations of poetry, novels, and criticism from Italian and French. A visual artist, he has exhibited with the Lettristes, and as a close friend of Alain Satié, spoke at his Père Lachaise cemetery memorial. He now participates in Inismo.

The second generation of Lettrists brought fresh artistic talent that was needed to exploit and illuminate the burgeoning ideas of the movement’s founder, Isidore Isou. After the initial period of manifestos and scandals, Lettrism needed to show that it was artistically pleasing and commercially viable. Alain Satié was a brilliant talent in the new group of artists, joining the movement in the 1960s. He was born in 1944 in Toulouse….
04.08.2014. DJ’s Verboten, La Plaque Tournante, Berlin
New independent avant-garde artist’s space located in Neukölln (Berlin) and run by French composer Frédéric Acquaviva and English mezzo-soprano Loré Lixenberg.
This very first exhibition “DJ’s Verboten” is devoted to records (not only vinyls,  but also CDs and tapes, hybrid sound books with tapes, USBs, etc) . More than 250 items from 100 artists, sound poets and composers including the quasi-totality of the lettrists production in that area. Maurice Lemaître, Isidore Isou, Gabriel Pomerand, François Dufrêne, Jean-Louis Brau, Gil J Wolman, Jacques Spacagna, Guy Debord, Roberto Altmann, Roland Sabatier, François Poyet, Broutin are next to Edgar Varèse, Marcel Duchamp, Karlheinz Stockhausen, John Cage, Iannis Xenakis, Bernard Heidsieck, Henri Chopin, Denis Dufour, Otto Muehl or Phill Niblock…
Visits by appointment, with the amazing possibility to listen to any of the exhibited sound pieces.
August 7 – October 8, by appointment
Opening on August 6, 5-10pm.
La PlaqueTournante
Sonnenallee 99, 12045 Berlin
18.06.2014. Je rêve mon oeuvre (I dream of my work) 1991
Je reve mon oeuvre
(I dream of my work) 1991

Like the lovers stretched out on the lawn of a lovely summer afternoon, drunk on the odor of plants and flowers, I dream. My mind wanders and returns to years ago. Among the trees and shrubs, I dream of my work.

Series of 9 photographs exhibited in Paris, in the Pierre Lescot Gallery, 1991.
Photos taken in Trézan by Sylvie Fauconnier et Broutin. English translation by David Seaman.

Printed in Berlin for the Atelier Lettriste, June 2014. This edition is composed of 20 numbered copies signed by the author and 80 standard copies.

Ed. Atelier Lettrista

Purchase :
12 pages,  cm 21x15.
Price: numbered copie 40 €
standard: 7 €
01.06.2014. Cadre a-optique "Frédéric Acquaviva"

postcard by Atelier Lettriste Berlin 2014

15.04.2014. Cadre a-optique "Jean-Pierre Gillard"

postcard by Atelier Lettriste Berlin 2014

12.04.2014. Movies at a Remove: Roland Sabatier
and Lettrist Anti-Cinema (1964-1985)

Garage Cosmos Bruxelles
24 April – 14 June 2014

Roland Sabatier,
Les Preuves
film infinitésimal, 1966

31.03.2014. Hommage à Maurice Lemaître

Maurice LEMAÎTRE, être lettriste

4bis, rue des Beaux Arts 75006 Paris
du 3 avril au 16 mai 2014

Vernissage le Jeudi 3 avril de 18h à 21h

Maurice Lemaître, né à Paris
le 23 avril 1926, est un artiste, écrivain et poète français. Il est l'une des figures du lettrisme des années 1950 à aujourd'hui. Maurice Lemaître, prépare l'École des Arts et Métiers et celle des Travaux publics. Après avoir participé à la Libération de Paris, il commence en Sorbonne une licence de philosophie.
Entré en 1948 au mouvement libertaire, il y débute une carrière de journaliste en écrivant dans le journal de ce mouvement. En 1949, il y rencontre Isidore Isou et est séduit par les idées politiques et la fougue créatrice de celui ci.
En 1950, il se joint au groupe d'avant-garde lettriste, où il crée, la même année une revue politique : le « Front de la Jeunesse », ainsi qu'une revue littéraire et picturale, « Ur », qui reste comme « Le Minotaure » du lettrisme. Depuis cette date, Maurice Lemaître n'a cessé d'agir et de créer dans divers domaines explorés par le mouvement lettriste : la poésie, le théâtre, la danse, le roman, la peinture, la photographie, le cinéma, l'économie, la psychopathologie et la psychothérapie.
Les apports de Maurice Lemaître dans les arts plastiques, en poésie et dans le roman sont si incontournables qu'il est cité dans les études modernes sur la littérature contemporaine (Centre Pompidou, Hachette, Seghers, ...
(à suivre sur...)


Lemaître, une vie lettriste
The big monograph everyone was waiting for: 200 pages including 200 illustrations (150 artworks and 50 documents), a full bibliography plus the first overall study on Lemaître’s life and works, by Frédéric Acquaviva, published by the Editions de la Différence.
Available on Amazon and in artbooks stores from March 27,, 2014
Frédéric Acquaviva: “Lemaître, une vie lettriste”
Editions de la Différence, 45 €
ISBN 978-2-7291-2072-6


Maurice Lemaître, Galipettes
Editions AcquAviva, Berlin 2014, 20 €



Le Cahier de Dessin (1969)
A facsimile of the first works by Lettrist artist Broutin, who joined the French avant-garde movement in 1968. This pamphlet features asemic writing by Broutin, a kind of wordless writing characteristic of Lettrist art that has no meaning in terms of language.

Editions Acquaviva, Paris, 2012
Pages : 36
Dimensions : 24x18,5 cm
Cover : paperback
Binding : staple bound
Edition size : 100.
(purchased by Moma Library).

Available by Printedmatter
195 tenth avenue, New York 10011

Price: 20 $


04.03.2014. Le point d’ironie n°13
Broutin, Cadre a-optique
(Olga Fjodorova )
Berlin 2014 postcard, in Le point d’ironie n°13, Llysdanaproductions, Bremen 2014

A limited edition comprising artist’s original works, multiples, objects, photos, video, audio CD, etc., signed and numbered from 1 to 100, box of cardboard, size 30x21x5 cm, with: Frédéric Acquaviva, Démosthène Agrafiotis, Vittore Baroni, Marguerite Belot, Broutin, Michel Collet, Graziano Dovicchi, Maria Faustino, Bartomeu Ferrando, Bernadette Février, Christian Grenier, György Galantai, Uwe Hässler, Jacques Juin, jacques Marlow, Virgile Novarina, François Poyet, Stella, Lucien Suel, Thierry Tillier, Tatiana Villani, Robert Wood, Hans Jürgen Wormeck.

Price : 280 €

Info + order : Jacques Juin
Phone : +49 421 32 78 78
Ostertorsteinweg 44
D 28203 Bremen



Broutin New Yorkers show their (astonishment) disapproval: themes: polemic: expression (of astonishment) of disapproval (creative)
creative (living sculpture) 2014, India ink on Canson paper 32 x 24 cm.
New York, February 23, 2014. New Yorkers organized a protest march in the streets of SoHo. The demonstrators came from every borough to express their astonishment, indeed for the most engaged their disapproval, of the title and content of the show Art by Delegation organized in Brussels.
John Smith, a member of the American branch of the Committee for Creative Vigilance: I don't understand why the show is called Art by Delegation. Since it is supertemporal art with the participation of the viewers, based on an idea of Isidore Isou, the creator of Letterism, the show could have simply been called Concerning the Supertemporal.”
Ann Pandergast is among the most determined demonstrators: We call on all art lovers to write their creative slogans on the supertemporal banner.”
James Trawisky participated in the demonstration, but expresses reservations about the radicalness of some of the entries: After all, this show can be considered an advance that takes into account the realities of public awareness and the state of the market. If it is a further step toward the propagation and recognition of this avant-garde movement, then why not?

traduction : David Seaman”



07.01.2014. Le Livre des Vivants 1969
Le Livre des Vivants 1969

Printed in Berlin for the Atelier Lettriste, January 2014. This edition is composed of 20 numbered copies signed by the author and 80 standard copies.

The first edition appeared in the journal Ipergrafi no. 7 in Paris in 1970. Published in only a few copies, it was never released. English translation by David Seaman.

Ed. Atelier Lettrista

Purchase :
24 pages,  cm 21x15.
Price : numbered copie 40€
Standard : 14€


Date : Fri, Oct 4, 2013
From : gpbroutin@xxxxx
To : Louis.berreur@xxxxxx
Subject : The Book of the Living

Dear Edouard Berreur,
I am currently working on new editions of some of my previous works. I am writing to you about The Book of the Living, a small booklet that you were supposed to publish in 1970, for which I had given you the original drawings for the deluxe edition.
Through the friendly intermediary of Frederic Acquaviva, last year I was able to lay my hands on an ordinary copy of it; this is the first time I had seen it. The facts are disappointing: the present edition was only printed with a few copies, and was never distributed. The deluxe editions were never done. After all this time, I am not looking to start a confrontation with you – as I should have done earlier – but rather to find a positive solution
which will finally permit me to give this work its place in my bibliography.
I am inclined to help you arrive at an outcome that satisfies both of us. Let me know what you would suggest on your part.

Your friend, Broutin

(As we go to press, I have not had any response to my e-mail.)

18.09.2013. CONCERT Etude°1 (1974)
Sept 21st 2013 22:00 doors

Elsenstr. 52/
2.Hinterhaus Etage 2
12059 Berlin Neukölln




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